Installation Tips

Oh Deer, “Let ’em Go, Let ’em Grow” – Plants that is!

In Upper Michigan, we celebrate many things. We celebrate the changing of the seasons, the beginning of the football season, youth sports are always popular and of course we...

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The Cost to Build a New Fence is Going Up.

Often with dealing with other Yoopers, the first question we hear, “How Much“? “What’s that going to set me back“? “Wow. That is expensive“. Or my personal favorite, “I’ll...

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Blog - July 2023 Pets
How Pet Security, Safety and Happiness adds value to life.

Time, support and care for fur family members is work, sometimes extra work. Sometimes it is hard and difficult work. Not to mention our Upper Michigan environment, predators and...

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Home and property protection. Fence installation.
Home & Property Protection with Delta Fence & Construction

Keeping Upper Michigan families safe for 40+ years. Oftentimes homeowners install fences without giving much thought to unwanted trespassers being critters or criminals alike. This choice will often place...

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Floating a post.
Fence Installation Tips – Concrete, Asphalt & Rock

Fence building while working with or around concrete, asphalt or rock can be challenging. Some of the challenges include boring holes to sink the posts in place. Often this...

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Delta Fenceman, Upper Michigan, Fence Contractor, Fence Builder
Building a Fence in the UP – DIY Pros & Cons. Part 1

Have you ever considered a Do-It-Yourself fence project? When it comes to Upper Michigan fence building, there are a number of Pros & Cons to evaluate before investing the...

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Product Spotlight – Sherwood by Bufftech

Up next with our product spotlight tour is the Bufftech® Sherwood fence line. Featuring an authentic woodgrain texture. This easy to install high quality fence product comes with reinforced...

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Fencing tips to add security, safety & happiness to you & your pets’ lives.

Owning a pet is complicated, after all dogs are a person’s best friend. Maintaining a safe and secure environment for pets is a significant investment that balances a number...

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