Local Ordinances

Local ordinances and permits are governed by local municipalities (towns, townships, cities, etc.) and often times have a unique set of building codes that are important to consider when putting up a fence. Some of the details found in ordinances include: restrictions on distance from property lines and sidewalks, styles of fence, and height. Look for your local ordinance in Upper Michigan from the list below. If it doesn’t appear, give us a call and we can provide you with the most up-to-date information!

For more information, please call (906) 786-1076!

Counties & Townships (A-Z)

Alger CountyYes$100*
Au Train Township**
Burt TownshipYes$75.00
City of MunisingYes$30Permit & Ordinance
Grand Island Township
Limestone TownshipNo$-
Mathias Township
Munising Township
Onota Township
Rock River Township
Village of Chatham
Delta CountyNo$-
Baldwin TownshipNo$-
Bark River TownshipNo$-
Bay de Noc TownshipNo$-
Brampton TownshipNo$-
City of EscanabaYes$40.00(Permit) - (Ordinance)
City of GladstoneYes$30.00(Permit) - (Ordinance)
Cornell TownshipNo$-
Ensign TownshipNo$-
Escanaba TownshipNo$-
Fairbanks TownshipNo$-
Ford River TownshipYes$25.00Permit & Ordinance
Garden TownshipNo$-
Garden VillageNo$-
Maple Ridge TownshipNo$-
Masonville TownshipNo$-
Nahma TownshipNo$-
Wells TownshipNo$-
Dickinson County*No$-
Breen Township
Breitung TownshipYes$20Permit & Ordinance
City of Iron MountainYes$35.00Permit & Ordinance
City of KingsfordYes$-Permit & Ordinance
City of NorwayYes$20.00Permit
Felch Township
Norway Township
Sagola Township
Waucedah Township
West Branch Towanship
Iron County
Bates Township
City of Caspian
City of Crystal FallsYes$25.00*Send drawing to citymanager@crystalfalls.org
Crystal Falls Township
City of Gaastra
City of Iron RiverYes$25.00
Hematite Township
Iron River Township
Mansfield Township
Mastadon TownshipNo$-
Stambaugh Township
Village of Alpha
Marquette CountyYes*$100-140
Champion Township
Chocolay Charter TownshipYes$20.00
City of IshpemingYes$10.00
City of MarquetteYes$105.00(Permit) - (Zoning)
City of NegauneeYes$25.00
Ely Township
Ewing Township
Forsyth TownshipYes$25.00
Humboldt Township
Ishpeming Township
Marquette charter Township
Michigamme Township
Negaunee Township
Powell Township
Republic Township
Richmond Township
Sands TownshipYes$20.00
Skandia Township
Tilden Township
Turin Township
Wells Township
West Branch Towanship
Menominee County*Yes$75.00Permit & Ordinance
Carney Village*No$-
Cedarville Township
City of MenomineeYes$30.00
City of StephensonYes$45.00
Daggett Township
Daggett Village
Faithorn Township
Gourley Township
Harris TownshipNo$-
Holmes Township
Ingallston TownshipNo$-
Lake Township
Mellen Township
Menominee Township
Meyer TownshipNo$-
Nadeau Township
Powers VillageNo$-
Spalding TownshipNo$-
Stephenson Township
Schoolcraft County
City of ManistiqueYes$25Permit & Ordinance
Doyle Township
Germfask Township
Hiawatha Township
Inwood Township
Manistique Township
Mueller Township
Seney Township
Thompson TownshipNo$-
Newberry VillageYes$15Permit & Ordinance