Mug Shots: The Delta Fence Team

Ron Chouinard When Ron’s not fence building or spending time with his family, he is out on the boat fishing. A former High School State Champion wrestler, Ron brings the same levels of dedication and commitment to the fencing business. “Here at L&C, we focus on making the equipment that help people be more productive.”
Kevin Sodermark “I’ve got 49 problems, a Super Bowl ring isn’t one of them.” As a lifelong 49ers fan, Kevin knows what it takes to be a champion. While not in the office or field, Kevin enjoys traveling and family time.
Sabrina Larson MUG SHOTS
Sabrina Larson “Do small things with great Love.” A forward-facing Delta Fence Team member, Sabrina works circles around the guys in the Office. Her proactive work ethic, acute customer service and dedication to building relationships spotlights the value she brings day in and day out.
Diane Rhode Diane enjoys celebrating the high-quality of UP life with friends and family. Her passions include photography of the Northern Lights and our beautiful Upper Michigan. When Diane is not working and playing, she is a loving cat-mom. “She believes that, “a cat has nine lives – 3 for playing, 3 for straying and 3 for staying.”

New Dad Mug Shots
Brent Larson Brent likes to live life in the fast lane. “Life is best lived at full throttle,” is a motto he goes by. One of the hardest workers on the team, his mentality is to get the job done on time, under budget and to exceed expectations. His new favorite movie is Baby Driver, since he is soon to be a New Dad.
Jake Mug Shot
Jake Kermski Fearless when it comes to challenges. Master Builder Jake provides expertise with fence gates and electronical fence hardware. He also works in the shop building the L&C Enterprises-USA fencing equipment. “You want to know why we have doctors, lawyers and pipefitters? Because they can’t weld.”
Logan Sodermark Mug Shots
Logan Sodermark Having joined the Delta Fence Team in 2024, Logan looks to follow in his father’s footsteps in the fencing industry. His hobbies include motorcycles, ATV’s and video games. Not afraid to get dirty, Logan’s motto is, “mud will wash off but memories will last a lifetime.”
Mug Shot Connie
Connie DeMenter Always ready to jump at a moment’s notice. Our newest Delta Fence workmate is a Combat Veteran, Paratrooper and Mother of four girls. She is supposed to be enjoying retirement, but the 21-years of Military Service still drives her to motivate people to be better humans.