Wood Fence Panels

There are wood fence panel styles available at Delta Fence & Construction – Picket, Rail Fence, Semi-Private, Shadowbox, and Solid Wood Fence.
We either use White Cedar or treated Pine in our wood fence options. Wooden fences are a beautiful natural
option that weather to a traditional look over the years.

Different Types of Wood Fences and Fence Panel Styles

Picket Fence Picket Fence

Picket fences are an icon for the wooden fence category.

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rail fence Rail Fence

Typically found on farms years ago, rail fence is making its way into residential areas today.

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Semi-Private Wood Fence Semi-Private Wood Fence

Custom built treated lumber options that allow 90% privacy.

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Shadowbox fence Shadowbox

With pickets on alternating sides, this is a more attractive option.

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Solid Wood Fence Panels Solid Wood Fence Panels

Choose solid wood for its ultimate privacy and affordability.

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Here at Delta Fence & Construction we can always recommend what are the best type of Wood Fence Styles that suitable for your backyard.

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Wood Fence Panels FAQS

  • 1 How do you install wood fence panels?

    You may contact our professional fencing contractors to install wood fence panels in your properties. We guarantee high-quality services at an affordable price. To know the cost of wood fence installation, you may call us at (906) 786-1076 to receive a FREE estimate.

  • 2 What are the different types of wood fence styles?

    Delta Fence offers five wood fence styles, including Picket, Rail Fence, Semi-Private, Shadowbox, and Solid Wood. We either use White Cedar or treated Pine in our wood fence options. Installing wood fence panels is an ideal option if you want to achieve a beautiful fence around your properties.

    Picket could be your best pick for a simple wood fence in terms of the styles we provide. For residential areas, Rail Fence is more applicable. If you want a fence that offers 90% privacy, Semi-Private could be the best style, but if you want a more appealing fence, Shadowbox is more recommended. For ultimate privacy at an affordable price, Solid Wood is a must-have.

  • 3 What is the best wood for fence panels?

    Among the different types of wood, Redwood could be the best option for wood fence installation. Though it is relatively more expensive than other wood types, the cost is worth it considering its durability, quality, and aesthetic value. Pine and Cedar also make an excellent option for wood fence.

  • 4 How do you build a wooden privacy fence?

    When building a wooden privacy fence, you need to select the materials first. Remember, wood comes in different types as you need something that offers durability. You may read or watch FREE tutorials to install wooden fence panels or get help from our fence contractors.

  • 5 How wide are wood fence panels?

    Wood fence panels can measure 8 feet long, but the actual distance between the fence posts should not be greater than 96 inches.