Oh Deer, “Let ’em Go, Let ’em Grow” – Plants that is!

In Upper Michigan, we celebrate many things. We celebrate the changing of the seasons, the beginning of the football season, youth sports are always popular and of course we celebrate our community. Truly the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is an old school special place to live, work and play. That’s why today we are going to talk about another special day we Yoopers celebrate each year. Believe it or not, the first day of rifle deer season is a holiday for many Upper Michigan youth and families. Many schools are closed, giving the youth an extra day to hunt, while most UP towns and cities are deserted due to the annual retreat to family deer camps. And no, the film, Escanaba in the Moonlight, was not all that accurate with concerns to deer camps (maybe a little extra embellishment for the camera). In this article we are going to talk about outdoor plants, gardens and protecting property from deer and wildlife, so we can celebrate and enjoy all the wonder of our natural Upper Michigan.

What does this have to do with fencing?

I’m glad you asked, let’s take a look at what the deer are after and how to keep them in the woods and not in the garden or on the property.

If you have a garden or tend to keep the yard looking fresh with springtime flowers, summer blossoming hanging plants, fall perennials and other outdoor greenery, then you probably have encountered the White-tailed Deer. A sought-after prize for hunters, the kind of thing, “dreams are made of” for our young hunters and frankly, what all the commotion is about during mid-November. When it is not open Deer Season, it is still deer season. The White-tailed Deer is a common UP pest. I’ve seen deer in the City of Escanaba regularly, I’ve seen them in my backyard in town, in my parents’ yard, not in town but across a busy highway near the lakefront. I’ve recently seen deer wandering through the local cemetery while on my way to the office early in the morning. Deer are certainly not uncommon around these parts. Having spent the majority of my life living in Upper Michigan, I’ve seen my fair share of unfortunate deer along the side of the road. So, what possesses them to brave busy human corridors and city planned parceled back yards?

Abundance, we have an abundance of food for them to eat before the critical survival months of Winter.

Do you blame them? We tend to go-out-of-our-way to make our spaces look beautiful. Sure, you can plant deer resistant shrubs or perennials that they avoid. Which is good at keeping deer at bay and a good suggestion for yard perimeters. I remember a friend of mine telling me about his recent yardwork project involving Hostas. I tried to warn him, tried to tell him it doesn’t matter that the plants are near the house. Tried to help him understand that our deer neighbors don’t respect our manmade boundaries without a physical, chemical or natural barrier.

You might be able to image the next conversation we had. He detailed the mowed-down-nubs that were his Hostas… I tried to tell him…

What could he have done.

Sprayed. Sure, that works for a time, until it rains or if the plant’s growth is substantial requiring multiple applications. Spraying is good for early on or smaller plants but is not sustainable for gardens or a full season of protection. I’ve successfully seen spray utilized to protect potted flowers and other small porch plants. Another use of plant pest spray is for seedlings or plants that have just been transplanted outdoors and are still vulnerable. Once they reach mature sizes, they may become more fibrous or not appetizing for pests.

That brings us to fences.

One of the safest solutions to prevent unwanted pests including deer is to install a professional fence. In all cases, with a good-sized decision, seek professional options, friendly help and current examples. There are a variety of deer fences to consider. Some are more effective in keeping deer out while some provide other benefits such as not obstructing the natural views or even helping keep pests such as ticks at bay. Common deer fence types in the UP are metal wire fences with extended heights, electric fences and wood or ornamental fences.

Each yard is different, pests are different, homeowners have different needs and different fences do different things. Having a professional fence company like Delta Fence & Construction to understand the concern and recommend a course of action is invaluable. 25+ Years of experience building fences in the UP is a good place to start with questions. A simple place to get general fence or deer fence ideas is the Outdoor Showroom. Here you can see the different styles of fences and ask our highly trained staff any questions. Even compare the different fence products, heights and look/feel. The Outdoor showroom can also help with the scope of the project. Once you start seeing the fence panels, parts and posts it helps visualize the completed project and measure the required length(s) for material procurement.

With a proper deer fence you should consider.

Height is going to be a main discussion item. If you didn’t know, deer can jump both high and far. Just because the fence is six-foot high doesn’t mean an adult deer isn’t able to get over it. Upper Michigan deer can also push through poorly installed fences. We’ve seen where deer have gone under fences that are not properly secured to the ground. Even a privacy fence can prove inefficient if a deer can jump over it. Deer may be color-blind, so they cannot tell if the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. However, I’m pretty sure their sense of smell works very well.  A tempting feast isn’t going to stop a deer from hopping a six-foot fence or even going under it if possible.

Delta Fence & Construction offers affordable fencing options, complete design, and customization. Built by Upper Michigan experience installers with the goal to meet and exceed the needs for a secure, safe and happy pet/family environment.

If you live, work or play in Upper Michigan and are looking to learn more about residential fencing and residential fence templates. Delta Fence & Construction can help! Call us at (906) 786-1046 or visit www.deltafenceman.com to schedule an appointment today.

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