Commercial Fencing

Install Tips – Snow Fence Done Right

I’m sure many of you have seen snow fences before but chances are you may not know their actual purpose, how they work, or how to properly set them up. A common misconception is that snow fences will keep the snow off your property or stop drifts from forming and that is not the case….

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Installing ornamental fence

Ornamental fence installed at Upper Hand Brewery

Our fence crew just finished installing an ornamental fence at Upper Hand Brewery in Escanaba. It will extend their taproom to the outdoors. What do you think? Looks pretty nice. Time for a beer.   Subscribe to our YouTube channel, our Facebook page, and also our blog page on our website to stay up to…

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Lining a drive with a vinyl fence at Bark River Township Hall

We’ve been doing a lot of work out at the Bark River Township Community Hall and ball park. This is a two-rail vinyl fence that really dresses up the entrance to the hall and helps control traffic that might overflow from the parking area. We think it looks great. We were glad to be a…

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tapani construction

Installing new posts in Escanaba for Tapani Field backstop

We used the new Lobo Extreme Post Puller to pull the 25 foot post out of the Tapani Ball Field in Escanaba. They are replacing the backstop with a netting system. Without the Lobo Extreme, it would have been a difficult job to pull the posts. Not only were they very tall, they were close…

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escanaba explosion

Delta Fence installs chain link at site of Escanaba Power Plant explosion

Escanaba explosion Today, we are over at the Escanaba Power Plant. Back a couple of months ago we had a big power outage, Escanaba explosion, at the substation here. They came in with this portable substation. Being it’s a portable substation it’s very expensive to rent. They have to put a temporary substation in and…

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Adding chain link fabric to kennel framing at animal shelter

Today we are back at the Delta Animal Shelter. Our guys have been working, stretching in all the sections in between the kennels. Up on top of the walls, all of the fencing is stretched in. They still have to get them tied but they are stretched in. We have the front across part of this….

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Framing kennels at Delta Animal Shelter

Ron keeps us up-to-date on the progress of the construction at the Delta Animal Shelter in Escanaba. Here is the text from the video: This is the framework we have done so far at the animal shelter. Each one of these rooms has all of the rails up and we’re pretty much ready for fabric…

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chain link kennel panels

Using chain link for new animal shelter kennels

Today we are working at the Delta Animal Shelter, chain link kennel panels. We have a pretty large project outside. We have a lot of 8 foot fence going up. We are actually taking down a lot of the old fence at the old animal shelter and bringing it here. We have our corner posts…

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Automatic gate opener

Automated gate operators offer convenient access

 This project is for Delta Disposal Automatic gate opener. They’ve had this fence here for quite some time now. The owner in particular wants a little more convenience in using these gates so we automated this one. He wanted it automated so we got an operator for it. In this case he has a…

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Installing an updated gate on a secure fence

Today, I’m out here doing a repair. We’re at the Delta County Airport. We do a lot of industrial work and we do a lot of the work at the airport so they called us up when they had an accident. One of their snowplows hit a gate operator so we are doing a complete…

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