Warped Fence & Siding Caused by a Grill

WOW! That’s a HOT Fence!

Picture this, you just invested a decent amount of money to spruce up your backyard. You love how it looks! Man, does it look great. Your neighbors stop and stare in awe, your nosey neighbors can’t spy on you anymore, and it blocks out one of those neighbors who absolutely need their junkyard blocked from your sight. BUT, a Friday night BBQ party that you’re throwing for the neighborhood turns ugly. Why? Well, you parked that big shiny burger and hotdog cooker (what most of us call a grill) just a tad bit too close to that new vinyl fence you JUST had installed. Oh, you best believe it makes quite the scene. The cops come. Then the fire department. And the ambulance. Heck, half the county takes a peep at that black plume of smoke erupting from your backyard as Mount St. Helens did back in the ’80s. On the bright side, you get your chance to shine on the front page of the local newspaper!

So! To keep your fence from looking like a pizza you forgot in the oven, a rule of thumb is to keep a grill or anything hot a reasonable distance away. Well, and your house too. Anything hot mixed with vinyl is like throwing water on a grease fire. Not good! It WILL melt and in some cases burn entirely. Keep in mind too, there are other things to consider. Perhaps you have a wood stove or one of those gas-fired cheater fireplaces inside your house that vents directly outside of the wall of your house. Or, hanging out by a campfire tucked away in the back corner of your yard (yeah, don’t do that). Or, something a little more exciting like letting your kid play with flame throwers. You guys get the point! The hot stuff, keep that away from your fence! Warranties won’t cover things like damages and misuse, melting your fence falls into that category. It actually mentions it three different times in the very short list of exclusions in our vinyl warranty booklet, so, think smart and be safe!

Don’t worry we won’t give you too much heat when you want us to repair it! (See what I did there? *wink*)


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