Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link Fence Is Durable

Secure and low-cost general chain link fencing material that is widely used in a variety of situations. The fencing is made with heavyweight 9-gauge galvanized steel wire on a large frame. It is also available in lightweight 11-gauge wire. For extra distinction, the chain link fence can also be ordered with black, brown or green vinyl coated wire. The vinyl coated chain link is a heavy 9-gauge fabric that is ideal for many fencing purposes. Chain link fencing is available in 4-, 5- and 6-foot heights.

For commercial work, we can install 8-, 10- and 12-foot chain link including barbed wire. Delta Fence & Construction is a national leader in commercial chain link fencing installation with the development of special fencing equipment. visit fence installation instructions to learn more.


For insights on how to install chain link fencing and information on the necessary equipment, explore L&C Enterprises-USA

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Commercial Chain Link Michigan Commercial

Commercial applications offer the utmost security package for your property, considering the commercial chain link fence cost.

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Self Locking Fabric Bands Residential

Straightforward and budget-friendly options for your residential chain link fencing requirements.

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Privacy Slats Privacy Slats

Fend off onlookers with the easy to install privacy slats, available in many colors.

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Chain Link FAQS

  • 1 What is a Chain Link Fencing?

    A chain-link fence is one of the many types of fences you can use in improving your home’s security. It is made of durable and secure materials that come at a reasonable price. The fencing is made with heavyweight 9-gauge galvanized steel wire on a large frame, though you can also find the 11-gauge wire. Chain-link fences can have a vinyl-coated wire in several colors, such as black, brown, or green. For vinyl-coated links, a piece of heavy fabric is highly recommended.

  • 2 How do you put up a chain-link fence?

    Call our professional fencer if you want to guarantee secure and well-aligned chain-link fences in your properties. Though some people consider DIY chain-link fencing, it is highly recommended to seek professional help. This is because self-installed chain-link fences are prone to many problems, including uneven alignment and spacing.

  • 3 What is the cost of chain link fencing installation on average, considering chain link fencing cost?

    Installing a chain link fence has an average estimated range of $2000-$5000. Keep in mind there are myriad variables that add to or reduce costs. This includes a 200-feet long, 4-feet high, and 9-gauge 2-inch diamond galvanized steel chain-link installed in a 4 feet wide gate. If you want to know how much it would cost you to install a chain-link in your properties, call us at (906) 786-1076 to get a FREE quote.