Word of advise…Buying from a big box company does not save you money! We purchased a fence and two gates from a big box and had a reputable contractor install them. He did a fine job with installation, but the materials were flimsy. First we replaced the hardware on the gates, as it was made so cheaply we knew it wouldn’t hold up. After that, one of the gates broke off the hinge. We replaced this gate with an upgraded version from the same store, thinking the quality would be better. Shortly after that, the hardware from the second gate ripped the vinyl and came off. Within months, we could tell the “new gate” would also have to be replaced. We finally called Delta Fence and they installed two new gates. The quality is so much better. They feel solid and the hardware actually works! Lesson learned. We initially spent less money because we assumed all vinyl was the same. After replacing doors and hardware that still did not do the job, we realized it was worth the little extra to have the quality that Delta Fence provides. Wish we would have done it right the first time around! Thanks Delta Fence,