Get a Fence Equipment Today, we are working in the backyard of a homeowner putting in a chain link fence for a dog. We have a situation where we have some trees, some concrete, and we have to get the posts up tight to it. We are using a gas pounder that is new on the market.

It is the Rhino GPD-40 Fence Pro. The gas-powered post driver offers versatility in tight areas such as flat cement areas and tree lines. The gas pounder allows us to drive the posts in that need to be driven in and get the job done quicker.

We still concrete our gate posts but we use a rapid rock with that so they can cure quickly so we can actually finish the job in one day if we need to.

We already have the posts pounded in. Later, we are going to frame it and stretch it. This job will be done very quickly. It’s very important to have the diverse fence equipment like the gas-powered post driver to get the job done right for the homeowners.

With the amount of projects that we do, we have to get done one, two or three projects in a day, having the right fencing equipment helps to get the job done quick.


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