Dress up chain link with privacy slats

Dress up chain link with privacy slats

Today, we are working at Delta Disposal. They want a little bit of privacy in the sense that they have garbage containers stored in the back and they want a nice, neat front look from the street. We are putting privacy slats in. This one is brown which matches, somewhat, the building. We actually installed some of these a few years ago and we are adding to it today to finish through the whole front.

Slats are a good way to stop the view of the back yard if they have, I want to say garbage but it’s not really garbage in this case because they keep their yard very neat. In a lot of cases it is garbage they are trying to hide but in some cases it’s just privacy. Some people like to have privacy in the backyard. Some people have dogs that bark at everything. This one here has a little bit of a gap between each one of the slats but there are other styles that don’t have gaps. They cost a little bit more and are harder to install but the dog can’t see very well through those. But, again, in this case we are not concerned about seeing through it as we are about blocking the view to make it a nicer appearance for the city of Escanaba.

The privacy slats will also work on gates. We have a large cantilever gate here. It’s a chain link gate. We’ll put the privacy slats on it so it looks like the rest of the fence. And it keeps privacy at the door rather than just on the fence line.

This will also help with leaves blowing through or the wind pushing stuff around. it will block it a little bit, not a lot but it does block it some so privacy slats will help the fence in that direction too. If you have a backyard where you have neighbor issues, you have a garage that is not too nice looking and you want to block it a little bit, this is one way to dress it up in the backyard.

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