Fencing tips to add security, safety & happiness to you & your pets’ lives.

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Owning a pet is complicated, after all dogs are a person’s best friend. Maintaining a safe and secure environment for pets is a significant investment that balances a number of factors. A few environmental factors to consider include, protecting pets from predators and parasites while providing shelter from the wind, rain and cold UP Winters. The staff at Delta Fence & Construction takes responsible pet ownership seriously and would like to provide some fencing tips and best practices to help you with pet care. Supporting proper pet (and people) safety and security requires a number of important fence and yard options. Here are ten user friendly tips to help you promote a happy, healthy social pet space.

Fencing Tips for Pets to Consider.

  • Fences keep pets in and harmful or threatening animals out. Sometimes the most threatening are porcupines or deer. Pro Tip – Keep curious dogs away from porcupines. Additionally, deer, mice and other woodland critters carry ticks and other disease carrying parasites.
  • Properly fenced in yards allow for a safe, private play space for pets and pet owner activities. A fence can stop a rogue toy ball or pet fetch ball from careening somewhere unwanted or dangerous.
  • Dog Fences greatly help prevent accidents with other pets, people and moving vehicles. See Adventures of Fenceman for a close call!
  • Inside of fences provide a great place for dogs to do dog stuff like dig, take naps and run zoomies.
  • Social area for family and friends to hang out with pets. Most if not all dogs enjoy helping cook dinner, especially anything cooked on the outside grill.
  • Fences provide privacy from neighborhood or community traffic and work as a sound barriers. This is a top-three reason to purchase a fence today. Delta Fence Vinyl Fences are a popular option for privacy.
  • Fence gates are great for easy access, projects or other back yard activities that need extra space. Please make sure the gate is closed at all times. Be sure to choose a handle that isn’t easy to manipulate by a pet.
  • A fence will increase the value of you and your pet’s home. Curb Appeal is a thing!
  • Avoid lawn, yard and garden chemicals in areas where pets frequent. (LINK) 
  • Keep your yard clean. Long grass houses fleas and ticks. Pet waste fosters additional pests, is unpleasant, attracts undesirables and can help transmit diseases. Keeping the fenced in yard neat and free of yard waste like leaves and grass clippings will help keep parasites and other critters away.    Delta Fence Vinyl Fences

Delta Fence & Construction offers affordable fencing options, complete design, and customization. Built by Upper Michigan experience installers with the goal to meet and exceed the needs for a secure, safe and happy pet/family/friend environment.

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