escanaba explosion

Delta Fence installs chain link at site of Escanaba Power Plant explosion

Escanaba explosion Today, we are over at the Escanaba Power Plant. Back a couple of months ago we had a big power outage, Escanaba explosion, at the substation here. They came in with this portable substation. Being it’s a portable substation it’s very expensive to rent. They have to put a temporary substation in and that’s what we are working on today.

We’re putting a fence up around a temporary substation. The new substation in about two years approximately where the compost area used to be.

We are going to be pounding in the post. Yesterday, we set our post, the ones that are in concrete, the corners and gates but today we are pounding them in.

The fence is seven feet tall. The posts are 12 feet tall so we are pounding them in five feet. In order to do that safely we used a Rhino pounder and we also had an old Kiwi pounder.

The gate posts are a larger post. It’s actually a four inch post. You can see the dimensions of it. It’s a lot bigger than the other corners which are a three inch post. The gate posts are all set in concrete and the concrete is five feet deep, 16 inches in diameter. The corners are 12 inches in diameter and four feet deep.

They are trying to turn the power on by Thursday so we have to have this fence up. The ground is still frozen we try to create chain link installation. We are driving the other posts in but we have to get this finished by Thursday so they can turn the power on. There is a big substation in here and we have to keep it safe from anyone who is walking by that cause by Escanaba explosion.

Our objective today is to get the post in and fabric up so we can be done for Thursday morning. Contact the most recommended fencing contractor Today!

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