vinyl fence Maintenance

Picket fence offers a tradtional look for older homes

This job is vinyl fence Maintenance on Lakeshore Drive in Escanaba. The lady wanted a traditional look to her fence so we went with a vinyl picket fence so she didn’t have to do any maintenance to it. It runs along the sidewalk and right along Lakeshore Drive. It looks very nice. It’s all scalloped or concaved to give it a traditional look.

This fence is actually on the park so when you are looking at it driving down the road it looks very nice with the park across the street. It makes for a traditional fence.

This is a concave fence. What I mean by concave is that it starts up high, comes down in the middle and then comes back up. If look carefully along the fence line, it turned out really nice because each one of the sections – a complete 8 foot section – all the way down to the end looks very consistent with the concave right to the end of the fence. So, this front fence looks really nice with a consistent concave look.

At the end of the posts we put the caps on, in this case we have round ones. They will be glued up on top to make a finished look.

The fence will also help with keeping the dogs in the yard. They have three dogs and some younger kids. It keeps them all in the yard and from wandering into the street because Lakeshore Drive can get pretty busy. It’s just a little more protection for them and keeps them in the yard.

A lot of people like the older look, the old picket fence. With the vinyl it looks a lot like the wood but you don’t have the maintenance. It gives you that look that most people like with an older house.


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