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Tips for matching different style, sizes of fencing

“Today, we are working in a guy’s backyard. We had to replace some existing wood fence that he had. It was all 6 foot tall, privacy fence. He wanted to get something less intrusive on the neighbor so it’s not so tall. On the side he went with a semi-private fence, 5 foot tall. In the front he went with a 4 foot tall picket fence. He did not like the “prison” look when it is all 6 foot on a small or narrow backyard. It seemed too enclosing.

The original was a wooden fence. This one starts off with a vinyl semi-private fence that is 5 foot tall. It’s semi-private so I can almost get my finger through each one of these slats. He wanted it closed off somewhat with the neighbor but not so tall that it would be difficult to talk over the fence. Some people like to talk over the fence with their neighbors, say hi or whatever but still feel like they have their own privacy. Going with a 5 foot fence usually accomplishes that.

Then, what we are doing is dropping down to a 4 foot fence. Where I’m standing is going to be a 4 foot section that is going to look like this one over here. But it is a totally different design. The reason for that special design is basically we have square pickets here in the front. He really likes this look.
He has a third issue, I want to say, and that is the fence is right next to his front patio or porch. With his front porch, he has square rails on his railing. So, we are trying to blend the square railing into the square picket fence and then into the semi-private in the back. All three of them being vinyl, all three of them being white, they all end up flowing into each other.

The difficulty in trying to match different styles and different fences – the biggest thing is to stay with the same type of material. If you are going with vinyl and wrought iron a lot of times it is hard to match a different style by going with a different material. If you stay with the same material it will typically match quicker and easier. White is a color that will always help make things match. The size of the post. There are some post that are 4 inch, some that are 3 ½, some are 5 inch. The size of the post can help things match up.

Again, in this case, you are going from a privacy to a semi-private fence. But this one is a bit different because have that 6 foot tall vinyl height. This one is only 5 foot and the Imperial is definitely a very nice semi-private fence. To match that up with the front, we basically are going with white and the vinyl so you have the same materials yet the white to match in and make everything blend in better.”


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