Tips for making your fence appear level

Working with what you have.

Today, we are working on a vinyl fence installation. The customer needed some privacy in the backyard. They had an original wood fence up that actually went across a concrete patio and an alley just to give them a little bit of privacy in the backyard.

Vinyl 2023Picket fence.Vinyl 2023

Even though the backyard looked fairly level it actually wasn’t. We had to adapt and make some changes to make it level. In some cases we were four or five inches off the ground. Other areas we actually had to dig into the ground – down about three inches – just to make this fence look level. If we do not make the fence look level it will be very obvious to the owner that it goes up and down and doesn’t look right even though the land underneath goes up and down. Some owners say follow the terrain better but it does not give you a finished product that looks as nice. That is why we trench in or raise up. We did both of that on this project because the backyard was not level like it was at first anticipated.

Visualization is key.

A lot of homeowners don’t realize what their finished product will be if you do not do it correctly and they can really screw up a job if they are not careful or understand what level is and what is not and where you are going to start with the highest point versus the lowest point. If you just start in the backyard at one point and start going level, you may find you are a foot off the ground in other areas instead of digging down first. So, it does help to have a professional installer because they know what to look for, they know how to keep this fence looking the best it can for you.

The fence turned out pretty well. It has a lattice top to it. Everything turned out nice and straight and she has her privacy which is what the outcome was supposed to be.

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