Issues with installing a fence close to another fence

Today we are installing a vinyl fence – a colored one. We are setting it alongside a guy’s driveway that comes into his house. He has a narrow lot. There was an existing fence. He had an existing fence that he tore down. He wanted to put up a vinyl one instead. We are putting alongside another wooden fence. He wanted a vinyl fence so there would be less maintenance on his side.

There are always limitations when you put a fence next to another fence. One of them is, of course, digging holes and being careful with the neighbor’s fence that you are not hitting it. I try not to put fences up next to other fences but in certain circumstances we obviously do. You want to stay far enough away so you can maintain anything that has to be done between there.
Other limitations, it has a problem with sun no getting in between there and drying out the dew that would build overnight. Things are bit moister back there. The more airflow you can allow between them the better off you are too.

Occasionally, we will come into a situation where the dirt has to be hauled away. In this case, there was no extra room in the guy’s yard. There are no holes to fill, no place to put the extra dirt so we have to haul it away. It becomes a bit more labor intensive because we have to haul it away because we have to pour the concrete first and then shovel it on back on the trailer afterwards. Once in the while we do have that problem we have to contend with.

One other issue we have is when you are tight up against a fence, we cannot use some of the equipment that we would prefer to use on some of these residential jobs. It’s just too tight, too close and can be too dangerous to use power equipment when you are right against a fence line. Especially in this case, we would have used the auger but now we have to do it by hand.

One more problem we have working against another fence is when you are digging holes and putting the fence up you have to make sure you are able to install it from one side of the fence. With the vinyl fence, everything snaps together. There is really no screwing that you have to do on the opposite side of the fence. That makes it a nice and easy install when using vinyl verses some wood, for instance, that you might have to screw some stuff in from the outside.

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