Installing an updated gate on a secure fence

Today, I’m out here doing a repair. We’re at the Delta County Airport. We do a lot of industrial work and we do a lot of the work at the airport so they called us up when they had an accident. One of their snowplows hit a gate operator so we are doing a complete replacement of their operator and the gate itself.

The original gate was actually made out of steel. It was an older gate with round pipe that we upgraded to an aluminum one – aluminum tracking or truck work that helps the gate open and close is actually enclosed in an a little track and rides on what they call a truck. It makes it real simple for us to open and close this gate manually or by an operator. It’s good for operators to have this light or easy to move gate just you don’t have any wear and tear on the operator itself. The old operator was definitely outdated. It’s probably been here 20 to 25 years. This is a state-of-the-art operator that is made by Linear. It’s a real nice operator. They don’t have to get out of the truck to open it. They can use the remotes or they have keypads to open it up.

So, as you can tell we do more than just residential fencing. We do a lot of commercial work. We actually worked on this airport, a lot of exterior jobs, in the last five years. So just letting business owners know, we do a lot of commercial work.


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