Framing kennels at Delta Animal Shelter

Framing kennels at Delta Animal Shelter

Ron keeps us up-to-date on the progress of the construction at the Delta Animal Shelter in Escanaba. Here is the text from the video:

This is the framework we have done so far at the animal shelter. Each one of these rooms has all of the rails up and we’re pretty much ready for fabric in here. There are a couple of areas outside that we are working on still to get ready for fabric and we have a lot of our gates done which you will see outside too.

This is the other side of the kennels on the inside. Another five kennels here all framed up ready for fabric.

This is the drop off room where the Sheriff’s department will drop of stray dogs if they catch them at night. You have two kennels here with gates and then fabric going across the top with some framework up on top so it’s totally enclosed. They can feel pretty safe throwing the dogs in here that the dogs are not going to get out. They will be locked up and ready for Delta Animal Shelter personnel to take care of them in the morning.

As you can see out gates are built. They are lying in a position to be installed in each kennel. We will probably hang these after we stretch in all of the fabric that we have all of the framework done for. We want to stretch the fabric first before we hang the gates otherwise the gates will be in our way.

Today we are finishing up on the rails, getting the rest of the framing done and then we can start stretching tomorrow.

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