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Explosion Shows Effects Of An Improperly Grounded Fence

Today I am talking about the importance of a properly ground fence. This is an older substation. About a month ago it had a ground fault that happened when the electricity just blew up and you can see how the electricity just went through this fence and exploded some of the fittings where there was moisture. It was electricity that did this.

You can tell that this fence was not properly grounded. As you walk along this fence you see where it was exploding this whole fence apart. All of the fittings were just blown apart.

This fence was actually not grounded properly and now that they are building a new substation they are building it with a better grounding system. You can tell this side didn’t get blown apart but the explosion was on the other end.

All these posts were set in concrete. You can see the concrete here. The concrete works as an insulator. That’s why this fence was not properly grounded. You can see that there are some ground rods going through here on the gates but there are no ground rods in the ground here. So, this fence was not properly grounded and that is why we had such an explosion on this fence. Proper grounding is very important especially around substations, airports where you get a lot of electricity from lightnings. If someone is holding on that fence they are going to get knocked on their ass.

At this new substation that we are putting up right now you can see where the proper grounding is in. They have ground wire running through this whole thing underneath that are grids. It looks that they are about 10 feet apart and all the way around the whole fence. So, this fence is also getting grounded to the ground rods to make that fence much safer so if someone is touching it and there is some electricity running through it it’s going to be grounded into the ground and won’t kill the person.

This is the ground rod running through here. It is underneath the ground, it’s all going to be buried, it’s all cooper ground wire and if you look over the gate over here you see how it is all meshed together, the proper ground in here. It’s all grounded right into the fence all the way up the fence.

If you notice here, even the gates are grounded. There’s another ground going from here to another gate. So the gates and fence are all grounded. It makes a complete job here and should be very safe.

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