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Welcome to our Outdoor Showroom.

When you first drive up to our office you will notice on the right-hand side that we have an Outdoor Showroom with a bridge going across it. And there is a sign.

On the sign you will notice there is a piece of paper that you can take home with you. It will help you out when you want to measure your backyard. It allows you to provide information that we look for in order to get you the proper material costs.

You can download the form here:

Fence Template & Other Resources

On the sheet itself you will notice that across the back we have the total footage. Use the Template to detail any slopes going downward or a walk gate with two feet on one side and five feet on the other side before the fence connects to the house. If there is any concrete sidewalk, we’re going to want to know where that is. Same with any existing fence, trees or structures like children’s swings. Providing an overhead map of the to be fenced in location is a great way to start thinking through fencing design and cost.

If there are trees in the fence line or roads nearby you want to put that on the form so we can help you out with zoning and ordinances.

Our Outdoor Showroom is open 24-hours. So, you can stop by on your leisure time, either before or after work, lunch hour or whatever. Be sure to watch the above video or any of the other Videos and Media Content we have available.

Thanks for stopping by.

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