Product Spotlight – Brookline by Bufftech®

Continuing our quest to highlight the Bufftech® lineup of premium fence styles, textures and products. Let us now look at the modern Brookline contemporary privacy fence. Backed by a limited life-time warranty, the Bufftech® Brookline high-quality fence comes in seven styles and textures. Including ColorLast® fade protection technology, this provides years of aesthetically pleasing, authentic, durable, pool safe privacy, so you can enjoy the good moments of Upper Michigan life longer.

Having learned a few things, about U.P. weather.

We at Delta Fence like the Brookline vinyl fence because it is supported by reinforced steel, meets ASTM strict specification standards and has been tested with wind speeds up to 115 mph. Living close to the Great Lakes, we all are familiar with the north blowing wind off of Lake Superior. All of these factors contribute to a STRONG as BULL fence. That is also great for outdoor pool areas, Brookline fences are Class A rated for flame spread and fire safety. Not only are the Bufftech® Brookline fences sustainable, they are Made in the USA! If you purchase from us, the fence will be built by Upper Michigan Fencing Professionals. If you are interested in a high-quality, premium fence with numerous safety and protection features then the Bufftech® Brookline fence may be a great match for you.

Colors, textures and styles for Bufftech fences.

A fence project can be an investment.

Much like homebuilding and landscaping, you will be living with the fence design decisions for a long time. That’s why it is important to choose the best fit, the best value and the best product to ensure maximum peace of mind. The Bufftech® Limited Warranty is the protection that ensures the investment maintains its value well into the future. Two phenomenal aspects of the Bufftech® product warranties are how homeowners can transfer the warranty if they sell their house. We, at Delta Fence, have to admit, that is kind of cool. The second game-changing aspect of the product warranty is the Labor warranty component. This covers the labor aspect of replacing a defective fence component. Not only will the warranty be transferable if property ownership changes hands, but the fence can also be repaired if found defective for little or no charge.

Wait, there is more! Another great benefit of Bufftech® fences is the ColorLast® Fade Protection that helps keep the fence looking pristine, while increasing home value and enhancing curb appeal.

Other vinyl fence options tend to wear and fade with time, noticeable faster then Bufftech® Brookline fences.

The industry standard for color fading is measured in Hunter Units. Bufftech’s competitors experience Hunter Unit fade amounts upwards of seven units. While Bufftech® fences boast a fade amount of no more than four Hunter Units during the same timeframe. Each color is formulated to provide years of vibrant color, textures and overall resistance to the sun and damaging weather. This fade protection keeps the fence looking great year-after-year. Choosing Bufftech® provides a higher value then traditional fences over time.

Built to last with reinforced steel, the high performing Brookline fence and components will continually provide a safe and friendly environment. Made in the USA, you can rest assured the superior quality exceeds compliancy and code standards, while also looking great.

In choosing a Bufftech® fence product installed by the professional Delta Fence builders. You are taking your first steps in a worry-free protection for home perimeters while enhancing the beauty and value of your property while increasing your peace of mind.

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