Automatic gate opener

Automated gate operators offer convenient access

This project is for Delta Disposal Automatic gate opener. They’ve had this fence here for quite some time now. The owner in particular wants a little more convenience in using these gates so we automated this one. He wanted it automated so we got an operator for it. In this case he has a push button also so the secretary can open the gate if she needs to from the inside.

It seems like a lot of people, owners of buildings, they are looking for the convenience of not having to get out of their vehicle to open up a gate especially with cantilever gates where you used to push them open. With the Automatic gate opener you just push a button, it opens up and closes behind or you can leave it open all day. This cantilever gate has been here and he just wanted the convenience of opening it without having to get out of the vehicle.

In this case, the application is commercial but there are a lot of homeowners that like the convenience of having an operator. We have a number of those out there for people’s cottages and places like that. They want to keep the gate closed and, again, just drive right up and open the gate with the push of a button to let them in. You can do a lot of different things with operators and access control. You can even have video looking in on it to see who is actually there.

In most cases these are very adaptable for security. The reason is the Automatic gate opener are typically closed not allowing many people to come in. When you do want in, you push the button and it gives access in but it keeps everyone else out.


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