Adding chain link fabric to kennel framing at animal shelter

Today we are back at the Delta Animal Shelter. Our guys have been working, stretching in all the sections in between the kennels. Up on top of the walls, all of the fencing is stretched in. They still have to get them tied but they are stretched in. We have the front across part of this. All of the fabric on the front is stretched.

We have a few of the gates hung. You can see how these work. We a few of these hung already and we have some more to do. After tomorrow, all of these kennels should be pretty much operational. We do have some more on the inside that we can take a look at.

The kennels on the inside are about 95 percent done. There is just a little bit more tying that we have to do. Tie the rails. But it is all stretched in. We have a little bit above there. The cages are six foot tall so it gives us plenty enough room inside these kennels for the dogs.

The dogs actually have an access here so they can get to the outside which they still have to hook the cable up to and it is going to be pulled up over the top of this fence. This is one of the inside kennels that is not getting a roof on this side. On the other side, the roof is going to be put on the top so the dogs don’t climb over. It’s for the dogs that are quarantined. Just the regular dogs will be in here.

This is the drop off entrance here coming into the shelter. The sheriff or other people are able to get in this and bring the dogs in to the two kennels we here. It is specially design with a roof on top, all solid walls. They can just drop it off inside here, close the gate, close the latch and put a lock on it and that dog is locked up until morning.

If they have to wash the dog off they actually have a spot here where they can wash the dog down before they put him in. This area I believe will be locked off from the rest of the shelter at night so the sheriff can come in here and drop the dogs off here.


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